Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz

Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz

Professor of Medical Management, author & editor

DXM Group
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About the Speaker

Prof. David Matusiewicz is Professor of Medical Management at the FOM University of Applied Sciences. Since 2015 he has been in charge of the university’s Health & Social Affairs department in his role as Dean and headed the research institute of the same name as its Director. He has many years of experience in healthcare and is the founder and CEO of the DXM Group, which advises and supports technologically driven start-ups in the healthcare sector. Prof. David Matusiewicz earned his PhD from the University of Duisburg-Essen and conducted research in healthcare using big data (routine data). He simultaneously worked for the administrative controlling department of a statutory health insurance company’s management board. He is an editor and author and today one of the best-known voices in digital health in Germany.