Holger Mannweiler

Holger Mannweiler


MetaBrewSociety GmbH
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Holger Mannweiler is a physicist, MBA, ex-McKinsey consultant and a serial entrepreneur who has founded over 15 companies in IT, high-tech and cosmetics in Germany and the USA. Since 2022 he has been the CEO of MetaBrewSociety, which he co-founded. With financing from private investors in Mannweiler’s circle of friends, MetaBrew bought a family brewery in Germany’s northern Franconia region in August 2022. Their 1,516 NFTs generated over 1 million euros in revenue in the first minting. This makes it one of the most successful German NFT projects and the first Web3 brewery worldwide. With innovative beer varieties and a brand community with over 6,000 members, MetaBrewSociety has been revolutionising the brewery business model ever since.