Dr. Niklas Hellemann

Dr. Niklas Hellemann


SoSafe GmbH
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Our Megatrends at DIGITAL X

Megatrends are thematic areas that present changes and currents within the industry and guide strong tendencies in different directions.

The speaker will focus on the following megatrend(s): Security

About the Speaker

Dr. Niklas Hellemann is a graduate psychologist, social engineering expert and co-founder & CEO of SoSafe. Before founding SoSafe, he worked as a management consultant in the area of "People&Organizations" at the Boston Consulting Group. In addition to his degree in Business Administration, Niklas studied Psychology, which led him to the "human factor" in information security. Hellemann founded SoSafe to strengthen digital self-defense and the human factor in information security and is now a speaker at numerous tech and IT conferences to raise awareness for this topic.