Anders Indset

Anders Indset

Philosopher and author

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About the Speaker

Anders Indset is an author and one of the worlds’ leading business philosophers. By bridging the philosophy of the past and the technology and science of tomorrow, he offers a new perspective on the ‘art of thinking’. He is the author of the three Spiegel bestsellers Wildes Wissen, Quantenwirtschaft (published in English as The Quantum Economy) and Das infizierte Denken, which have been translated into over ten languages to date. In addition to many projects which he co-initiated – including GBI (Global Blockchain Initiative), #Enkelfähig and ‘Die Veredlung Europas (The European Refinement)’ – he is also co-founder of the Njordis Group and of the Global Institute of Leadership & Technology (GILT). Thinkers50 considers Anders Inset one of the most influential thinkers of the future in the fields of leadership and economy. His philosophical works focus on the continuous search for better explanations and their practical implementation.