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Our megatrends at DIGITAL X

Megatrends are thematic areas that present changes and currents within the industry and steer strong trends in different directions.

We address the following megatrends: Connected Business Future of work Security Sustainability & Responsibility

Our quarter

DIGITAL X 2023 offers 4 quarters as venues for the presentations. The Stadtgarten Quarter, Friesenviertel Quarter, Mediapark Quarter and the Belgisches Viertel Quarter.

We can be found in the following quarter:


About the company

VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control. As a trusted foundation to accelerate innovation, VMware software gives businesses the flexibility and choice they need to build the future. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, VMware is committed to building a better future through the company’s 2030 Agenda.

This is what you can expect at DIGITAL X

We present our Cloud Smart concept, which offers companies unified hybrid and multi-cloud management to get the most out of their individual cloud strategy. With this approach, necessary and short-term changes due to regulatory, security and compatibility requirements can be implemented quickly.
In collaboration with T-Systems and Telekom, we provide a wide range of managed cloud services based on VMware. These cover everything from infrastructure and virtual networks to the management of many different types of end devices. Everything is modularly coordinated and protected by a uniform security concept.
Also learn how VMware-based infrastructure can help you unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for your business. Our end-to-end enterprise platform is optimised specifically for AI/ML workloads, enabling you to gain data-driven insights and discover new opportunities.

What makes the product unique

VMware offers an advanced and comprehensive multi-cloud management solution across multiple clouds and cloud providers. Thanks to an end-to-end, integrated security concept from the infrastructure to the application on each device, customers can optimally protect their data and applications in the cloud against threats.
What’s particularly impressive is that enterprises can already leverage the full potential of an AI/ML platform with their existing VMware infrastructure. This enables the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain data-driven insights, optimise processes and unlock new business opportunities.

Solution for the customer

With VMware Aria, our unified multi-cloud management solution, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Cost management: better allocation of costs and analysis of capacity trends. Implementing intelligent workflows allows for an average of 35% savings.
  • Performance optimisation: with more efficient resource utilisation and unified visibility, performance is optimised at minimal cost. 
  • Increased security: strengthened security of your cloud workloads, services and infrastructure. Achieve secure configurations for risk and compliance management and reduce unplanned downtime by 93%.
  • Rapid service delivery: self-service capabilities offer savings of up to one week.