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Our megatrends at DIGITAL X

Megatrends are thematic areas that present changes and currents within the industry and steer strong trends in different directions.

We address the following megatrends: Connected Business

Our quarter

DIGITAL X 2023 offers 4 quarters as venues for the presentations. The Stadtgarten Quarter, Friesenviertel Quarter, Mediapark Quarter and the Belgisches Viertel Quarter.

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About the company

Ekinops is a leading global manufacturer of innovative CPE and optical transport solutions. Ekinops France SA is headquartered in Paris, France. Almost all aspects of its product development (R & D) and even its hardware production facility (in Leuven, Belgium) are located in Central Europe. Ekinops employs more than 500 people, about half of them in development.

The company’s German subsidiary, Ekinops Deutschland GmbH, operates sites in Jülich and Büttelborn (near Darmstadt) for sales, presales, and support.

Through its OneAccess brand, Ekinops supplies data and voice routers as well as SD-WAN, EAD and network solutions to SME and enterprise customers.

This is what you can expect at DIGITAL X

Network solutions for SME and enterprises:

  • Data Routers: for VDSL, 4G, 5G, FTTH, Wi-Fi, up to 10 Gbps service throughput
  • Voice Gateways: to integrate traditional ISDN phone systems into VoIP networks
  • Voice Routers: data routers combined with VoIP gateways and an embedded SBC solution; ideal for smooth migration to full IP solutions and unified communication networks
  • Session Border Controllers: powerful, scalable SBCs to deliver secure access to Microsoft® Teams Direct Routing alongside VoIP services
  • Universal CPE (uCPE): hardware on which the Ekinops virtualisation solution is built; adopts a completely open approach to the support of these x86-based platforms
  • Ethernet Access Devices: carrier-grade, MEF-certified access platforms for delivery of Carrier Ethernet Services
  • SD-WAN: extendable directly from a routing solution; a true ‘one-box’ approach that greatly simplifies SD-WAN deployment

What makes the product unique

Ekinops delivers routers based on its own optimised hardware, including all relevant WAN interfaces such as VDSL supervectoring, 4G and 5G. SD-WAN can also be activated on this ‘one-box’ solution.

Alternatively, Ekinops operating software can be used on a uCPE with an x86 processor. The uCPE hardware is supplied by Ekinops or used as a white box by another hardware manufacturer. In addition to the router, several other virtual services, e.g. a security solution and SD-WAN, can then be included in this solution.

Beyond hardware and software, Ekinops offers extensive professional services, e.g. white-box and VNF validations, especially for virtualisation.

Solution for the customer

Cost-effectiveness: an Ekinops router including an SD-WAN solution is a ‘one-box’ solution that facilitates deployment, service, and support, thus saving costs.

Investment protection: ‘classic’ routers and uCPEs can also be combined in the SD-WAN solution, since all Ekinops routers and uCPEs use the same operating software. This makes it easy to migrate to a virtualised solution.

Openness: Ekinops can also be used with virtualised software solutions from other manufacturers, e.g. various SD-WAN or security solutions. There is already a large range of tested software. This prevents ‘vendor lock-in’ by making it possible to use and exchange services from different manufacturers.