Deutsche Telekom Digitale Bildung

Deutsche Telekom Digitale Bildung

Deutsche Telekom Digitale Bildung Brandhouse
Aachener Straße 46, 50674 Köln // Halle 46

Our megatrends at DIGITAL X

Megatrends are thematic areas that present changes and currents within the industry and steer strong trends in different directions.

We address the following megatrends: Future of work Security Sustainability & Responsibility

Our quarter

DIGITAL X 2023 offers 4 quarters as venues for the presentations. The Stadtgarten Quarter, Friesenviertel Quarter, Mediapark Quarter and the Belgisches Viertel Quarter.

We can be found in the following quarter:


About the company

Digital education is one of the major and urgent issues for Germany. Deutsche Telekom is committed to this - with a holistic portfolio, end-to-end support from consulting to operation and service, and finally with a variety of socio-political and voluntary initiatives. Critical to success is an overarching service concept for smooth and secure IT operations in everyday teaching: from connection to end devices to cloud services, the necessary on-site and remote support. The Brandhouse offers top-class professional exchange with expert presentations and discussion forums and invites you to experience live how market-leading solutions can support didactic concepts.

This is what you can expect at DIGITAL X

Our stage program invites you to exchange ideas with experts and offers short and exciting demos on digitization solutions for teaching and school organization. Our exhibits make it possible to experience Deutsche Telekom's holistic approach live: 

  • Magenta Classroom (Deutsche Telekom's overarching service concept)
  • Technology partners: Examples from our partner ecosystem: Apple Education (Apple solutions in education), Cisco (secure cloud management), iServ school platform (modular school organization from the cloud) 
  • Support for schools / school boards from consulting to operation and service: M2More & Detecon (digital pact consulting), Antares (content and marketplace), Communisystems (service portal for IT operations) 
  • Telekom volunteer initiatives: Teachtoday (media literacy toolboxes), Digital@School (employee initiatives for robotics school projects). 
  • Innovation partnerships: Doob (avatars for the Metaverse), VIL (Virtual Interactive Learning).

What makes the product unique

Deutsche Telekom offers holistic solutions for digital education in the German market like no other. This comprehensive view is illustrated by the three dimensions of our activities. The WIDTH of the portfolio with our local partners (network, end device management, network security, presentation solutions and cloud services from a single source and in a service concept). The DEPTH of our support (from consulting over training to implementation and service to the complete solution). The ATTITUDE, since our socio-political commitment to the topic and our offerings extend far beyond the provision of infrastructure, technical solutions, services, and service.

Solution for the customer

Digital technologies will not disappear from everyday school life but will continue to take root. We invite all stakeholders, participants, and decision makers in the education community to get inspired, learn about concrete solutions and expand their own network. Learn about campaigns and tools for acquiring media literacy. Learn how holistic service concepts can ensure smooth IT operations in everyday teaching and exchange ideas with experts on all aspects of digital teaching.