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BPV Unternehmensgruppe

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Our megatrends at DIGITAL X

Megatrends are thematic areas that present changes and currents within the industry and steer strong trends in different directions.

We address the following megatrends: Future of work Security

Our quarter

DIGITAL X 2023 offers 4 quarters as venues for the presentations. The Stadtgarten Quarter, Friesenviertel Quarter, Mediapark Quarter and the Belgisches Viertel Quarter.

We can be found in the following quarter:


About the company

The BPV Group supports companies in the implementation of mobile workplaces. Started in 2013 as a sales partner for solutions from Vodafone, Telekom and Telefónica, BPV has developed into one of the largest full-service partners in the IT and telecommunications industry. The team now includes over 170 employees at six locations in Europe. In addition to its own solutions, BPV has built up a network of hardware and software manufacturers, network operators and financing partners and developed interfaces to their systems. Customers receive software, connectivity, hardware and the associated management and support for the #mobileworkplace, all from a single source.

This is what you can expect at DIGITAL X

At Digital X, BPV Enterprise Group will be presenting future-relevant solutions for the #mobileworkplace. The focus is on the future of mobile working. From procurement, configuration and distribution to the management of mobile devices and (international) IT support - BPV provides insights into its comprehensive product and service portfolio. In addition, BPV will present the product "Vorteilshero": Hardware leasing with savings of up to 25% and bike leasing with savings of around 35% - simply via deferred compensation. This is for all companies that want to offer their employees more.

What makes the product unique

#Mobileworkplace is a core issue in the business world. Mobile devices have a deep impact on the IT infrastructure of companies. BPV helps companies keep their end users productive and the effort required to set up new workplaces as low as possible.

Solution for the customer

From consulting and central control to delivery and exchange of mobile devices - BPV enables companies to increase their efficiency while minimizing the use of resources. With its all-round package, BPV solves customers' challenges: proactively, quickly and with great flexibility.