Answers to your questions


What’s the quickest way to register with the DIGITAL X COMMUNITY?

You can register with the DIGITAL X COMMUNITY here.

When and how will I receive confirmation of my registration?

You will receive a confirmation email once you have registered.

When can I cancel my registration?

If you do not wish to attend the free digital event, please send an email to

Ticket transfer

Is it possible to transfer my ticket?

Unfortunately, tickets are non-transferable.

Photos and recordings

What will happen to the photos and video recordings taken at the events?

By attending DIGITAL X, you consent to be photographed and filmed by the event organizer, Deutsche Telekom AG. You authorize the event organizer to use video and photo material of your person for internal purposes, as well as for social media and the press.


Is the use of public transport included in the DIGITAL X ticket?

With our urban and sustainable mobility concept, we rely on the existing public transport infrastructure. For arriving and departing, but also during DIGITAL X to get from one neighborhood to another.

Your journey to DIGITAL X 2023

DIGITAL X 2023 is located in the heart of downtown Cologne. We therefore recommend arriving by public transport. The use of public transport is free of charge between September 20 and 21, 2023 for:

  • Journeys on buses and trains in the area covered by the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS)
  • Journeys with buses and trains in the area of the Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe (KVB)

To travel by public transport, you must register once with the KVB and purchase your public transport  ticket. Please use the link you received by email as part of the "Organizational Notes" on September 13.

Please note: The link is linked to your DIGITAL X ticket and therefore personalized. For the event days September 20 and 21, 2023, you will need a separate public transport ticket - this is valid for both days.

I am traveling by car. Are there designated parking spaces?

DIGITAL X 2023 is located in the heart of downtown Cologne. We therefore recommend arriving by public transport. Between September 20 and 21, 2023, you can use public transport free of charge for journeys on buses and trains in the network of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS) and the Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe (KVB). You can find information about the public transport ticket under the topic "Mobility" in the app.

Two parking spaces are available at cost price:

  • Lanxess Arena, parking space P1
  • Address: Willi-Brand-Platz 3, 50679 Cologne, Germany
  • Opening hours: around the clock
  • From there, continue by KVB: for example, by suburban railroad (to Hansaring) or subway line 1 (to Rudolfplatz)


  • RheinEnergie Stadium, parking space P6
  • Address: Salzburgerweg, 50933 Cologne
  • Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to midnight
  • From there: Shuttle (between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.) to the next KVB station and then, for example, with subway line 1 to Rudolfplatz

How do I get from A to B on the DIGITAL X 2023 event site?

DIGITAL X is designed so that you can easily reach all our locations, stages, brandhouses & highlights on foot. With the free public transport ticket, you can also get from A to B quickly by bus and train. Please note the information under "Travel to DIGITAL X 2023" above – the public transport ticket must be purchased separately and is not automatically included in your DIGITAL X ticket.

Or use one of our rickshaws and let us take you comfortably to your desired destination on the event grounds. The rickshaws can – if not occupied – simply be stopped in New York Taxi Style: Raise your hand, get in and off you go.

And for all those who want to test how e-mobility feels, we have a special offer. Take a guided test drive to your desired destination in one of our eShuttles from Polestar or Ford. Your test drive will start at defined stops. These can be seen in the app under the keyword "Mobility". And of course, well signposted on site.


Is the DIGITAL X app freely accessible?

The DIGITAL X app is available to every visitor to DIGITAL X. Personalized access is provided by username and password.

Where can I find the DIGITAL X app?

The DIGITAL X App can be found in the Apple Store as well as in the Google Play Store. Please note: The DIGITAL X App is for DIGITAL X visitors - personalized access is linked to your DIGITAL X ticket.

Guided Tours

How can I book a Guided Tour?

The booking is made via the DIGITAL X app. To do so, click on the calendar icon on the right side of the agenda overview page or on the Guided Tours subpage on "add to my appointments".

Where do the Guided Tours start?

The starting point of the Guided Tours is in the MediaPark between Komed House 6 and House 7. Each tour lasts approx. 90 minutes. Please be at the starting point 10 minutes before your booked tour.

What do I need to take part in a Guided Tour?

To take part in your booked tour (please book in advance via the DIGITAL X app), you will need your smartphone and your headset.

Cooperation DMEXCO and DIGITAL X

How can I visit DMEXCO with my DIGITAL X ticket?

To gain access to DMEXCO 2023 on September 20 and 21 in the exhibition halls as a DIGITAL X ticket holder, you will need your DIGITAL X badge, which you can obtain at the associated DIGITAL X accreditation counters. By presenting this badge, you can register at the cash desks at the North and South entrances to the trade fair center and thus gain access to DMEXCO.

How can I visit DIGITAL X 2023 with my DMEXCO ticket?

In order to gain access to DIGITAL X 2023 on September 20 and 21 in downtown Cologne as a DMEXCO ticket holder, you will need your DMEXCO badge, which you will receive during registration in the exhibition halls. By presenting this badge, you can register at one of the DIGITAL X 2023 accreditation counters (for example, in the MediaPark) and gain access to the DIGITAL X 2023 event area.

General information

Is there a translation of the stage program at DIGITAL X 2023?

Yes, a translation (German - English; English - German) is available for the program items on all six main stages. You will need your smartphone as well as your headset to follow the translation.

Is it possible to participate virtually in DIGITAL X 2023?

Yes, virtual participation is possible – the stage program will be broadcast via livestream from all six main stages. The stream will start at 10:30 a.m. on both days of the event. You can find the livestream here.