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It's a wrap


DIGITAL X 2022, which transformed Cologne's city centre into the city of the future from 13 - 14 September, is history and history it has made: we would like to thank 50,000 visitors, 300 partners, 300 speakers and 90 entertainment acts for two days of pure digitisation. More than 300 national and international (top) speakers spoke on 15 stages - spread over four Cologne quarters - including Jessica Alba, Tim Höttges, Steve Wozniak, Claus Kleber and Frank Schätzing. In the brandhouses, Telekom's partners presented innovative business solutions: the KUKA tattoo robot, teleoperated driving, meat from the 3D printer and much more inspired the participants. New this year: For the first time, the World Exhibition of Digitalisation opened its doors not only to trade visitors from the B2B sector. With the free DIGITAL X Highlights Ticket, the event was also accessible to private visitors. This meant they could not only take part in selected highlights, but there were also their own brandhouses and attractions, such as the MagentaTV Lounge or the Null-Problemo Store. As the crowning finale of the first evening, the British rock giants Muse made the Cologne MediaPark shake. We would like to thank all the guests who braved the rain on the second day of the event to join us and our partners in shaping the morning.

It's a wrap

Comments on DIGITAL X 2022

„DIGITAL X 2022 - 50,000 spectators, 300 exhibitors, enthusiasm, discussion, discourse and everything that goes with it. And next year you have to be there too! At DIGITAL X, we will show everything that is possible with digitalisation! And we succeeded brilliantly, the feedback from our visitors and partners is overwhelming!“
Hagen Rickmann
Telekom Deutschland GmbH
„It was a great event. It’s great to be with people, who want to run smart businesses for the future and make the world a better place. The motto is “Don’t give up!” Make sure your business is successful and partner with people which are in line with your vision. Stick with your values, try to do the right thing and you are going to win at the end of the day.“
Jessica Alba
The Honest Company®
„The DIGITAL X connects so many people that are interested in the digital world (and where it’s going) and brought so many young people into digital careers. It’s just so inspiring to me. I’m so glad to be here. Being digital comes a lot from people’s ideas in their heart and thinking with their brains and that’s the same everywhere in the world. We are seeing a lot of digital companies spring up in many, many areas. Digitalization is not anymore restricted to one locale. It’s where the right people start thinking.“
Steve Wozniak
Co-Founder of Apple Computer
„The DIGITAL X is such a great event. I love the audience and the energy is so good. The event was so dynamic and exciting and increased since my last time maybe even 10-Xed. The DIGITAL X is an incredible event, and it’s quite different to other similar events, because of such a good diversity of speakers, the audience and people excited for the future. DIGITAL X is an incredible experience, it’s not just a conference like many others.“
Harper Reed
Hacker and Entrepreneur
„DIGITAL X is full of innovation and full of interesting perspectives from people in the digital world. As a speaker, this is also very exciting and inspiring. The journey of digital innovation still needs to go more towards diversity. We still need to work on the representation of founders. “
Dr. Julia Shaw
Kriminalpsychologin und Bestsellerautor

Review of the DIGITAL X 2022

Jessica Alba: „From Hollywoodstar to leading a 1 billion dollar company“
Wozniak, Rickmann und Dr. Weimer: Entrepreneurship à la Silicon Valley
Haugen, Zhang, Anderson und Kleber: „Utopia – Was man über das Silicon Valley wissen muss“
Höttges und Hommels: „Digitalisierung als Grundpfeiler des Wandels“
Oliver Bäte:  „Zeitenwende: Wie verändern sich Risiken und wie sollten wir ihnen begegnen?”
Harper Reed: „Digital leadership in a volatile world“
Timotheus Höttges: Made in Germany
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