Volvo Car Germany GmbH

Volvo Car Germany GmbH
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Nowadays, the Swedish brand, which has its headquarters in Gothenburg, is one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world and has long since established itself as a premium manufacturer.
The tradition of Volvo as an automotive brand is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian way of life. The sense of responsibility towards humans and all living things is highly valued in Sweden. As such, when Volvo was founded in 1927, it was with the goal of building the safest cars for the Swedish roads. Since then, Volvo has placed people at the core of everything it does. For years, Volvo has also been at the forefront of the automotive industry when it comes to innovative, trend-oriented technology and is leading the way in such fields as connectivity, safety and sustainability

presence/ exhibit @ Digital X 2019

Freedom to Move
Volvo is evolving from an automobile manufacturer into a mobility provider. The “Freedom to Move” mission is based on pioneering, sustainable drive concepts and the further development of personalised offerings and services. This evolution can already be seen in the “Care by Volvo” product: This car subscription represents a totally new car ownership experience and a new form of mobility. This is also represented by Volvo’s presence at events – the new Volvo Forum is no exhibition stand, but rather a company statement. The 360c concept study demonstrates Volvo´s vision of autonomous driving: rolling offices or mobile relaxation areas, as required. With this innovative approach, Volvo is revolutionising travel – fully-autonomous, electric, networked and, of course, safe.