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The DIGITAL X 2020 Campus is being postponed. The year 2020 has gone very differently than planned, yet it has shown us one thing: digitalisation unites people – in crises, in everyday life and across borders of all kinds. For this very reason, the DIGITAL X 2020 Campus was intended to offer genuine support for the current challenges of German small and medium-sized businesses and to present specific solutions.

Due to the current situation and the new restrictions, the DIGITAL X 2020 Campus is one of the many events having to be postponed and – despite its digital orientation – cannot be held on 19 November, as planned. An update with the new date will follow soon.

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And as realistic as possible. You will move about in a virtual building, the digital place to be. Experience the wide world of digitalisation on different floors.


Accompany the opinion leaders throughout the day as they address issues ranging from AI, New Work and future mobility to 5G, IoT and much more. Inspiration meets best practice.


Meeting with our partners, you will find everything you need to know about digitalisation and, in personal chats, discover tailor-made solutions for your digital transformation.


Meet with other participants in a virtual sky bar. Exchange ideas on specific topics and round off the day together at the digital after-work event with entertainment.

Digital X Speakers

Hagen Rickmann

Director Business

Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Hagen Rickmann is Director for Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland. Rickmann has worked for the corporation since 2009 and previously held various managing positions in the Key Clients division and Telekom subsidiary T-Systems International GmbH. In his role as director, Rickmann makes a key contribution towards driving forward digital transformation in medium-sized companies and supporting them as a partner in the process. He is convinced that there need to be more platforms in Germany for companies to share ideas, be inspired and network with each other. Rickmann launched DIGITAL X for the first time in 2018 and is now its patron.

Timotheus Höttges

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Deutsche Telekom AG

Timotheus Höttges is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Deutsche Telekom AG. Mr. Höttges studied business administration and joined the company 20 years ago. He worked on various leading positions before he became CEO in 2014. For a long time, the focus of his leadership has been on the requirements and consequences of digital change. The direction of an international telecommunications service provider towards the challenges of the digital age is a decisive factor for profitability and future viability, for which Mr. Höttges has so far been very well received.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mr. Olympia, Hollywood Star, Former Governor of California

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known all over the globe for his many accomplishments: world champion bodybuilder, Hollywood action hero, successful businessman, environmentalist, philanthropist, best-selling author, and California's 38th Governor. This world-famous athlete and actor was born in Austria in 1947, and by the age of 20 was dominating the sport of competitive bodybuilding. With his sights set on Hollywood, he emigrated to America and catapulted himself into cinema history as the title character in TERMINATOR. In 2003, Schwarzenegger became the 38th Governor of the State of California, ushering in an era of innovative leadership. Since leaving office, Schwarzenegger co-founded the global non-profit R20 Regions of Climate Action.

Dr. Wladimir Klitschko

Entrepreneur, Innovator and Developer of the method F.A.C.E. The Challenge


Dr Wladimir Klitschko has had one of the longest careers of all time in heavyweight boxing. He sees himself as a challenge master and seeks to help people transform their problems into challenges through courage and optimism. In 2018, Dr Wladimir Klitschko launched his company Klitschko Ventures. He developed the F.A.C.E. the challenge method, which essentially develops and builds on the key ability of willpower. Today, his aim is to transfer almost 30 years of experience in competitive sport to each individual’s life, daily routine and work. In 2001, when he was reigning world champion, Klitschko received his PhD on the subject of “Educational Monitoring in Sport” after studying sport and philosophy.

Claudia Nemat

Member of the Board of Management responsible for the Technology and Innovation board area

Deutsche Telekom AG

Claudia Nemat has been a member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom since 2011. Since 2017 she has been responsible for the Technology and Innovation board area, which includes responsibility for networks, IT, products as well as information security and cybersecurity. Previously, she was in charge of European business activities. A specialist in information and telecommunications technology, she worked for the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company for 17 years, where she was co-chairwoman of the global technology sector, among other posts. A graduated physicist, she worked in many European countries as well as the United States, and was a member of the supervisory board and the audit committee of Lanxess for several years. She is currently a member of the remuneration committee of Airbus and of the supervisory board of Airbus Defence.

Adel Al-Saleh

Member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG CEO of T-Systems

Since January 2018, Adel Al-Saleh has been a member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG, where he is responsible for the Group’s business customers division, as well as CEO of T-Systems. For the first 19 years of his career he worked for IBM in various management functions. They included vice president and general manager, in which capacity he was responsible for IBM’s sales across all industries and products. Subsequently, Al-Saleh was head for the regions Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America at IMS Health, a former market leader in IT in the health sector, for four years. In December 2011, he took over the position of chief executive officer at Northgate for the Northgate Information Solutions group until joining Deutsche Telekom. Al-Saleh received his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Boston University in 1987 and his Master of Business Administration degree from Florida Atlantic University in 1990.

Dorothee Bär

Minister of State for Digitalisation

Dorothee Bär was born in Bamberg in 1978. She holds a diploma in political science and has been a member of the German Bundestag since 2002. From 2009 to 2013, she was spokeswoman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group for family affairs, senior citizens, women and youth as well as vice secretary general of the CSU. Dorothee Bär has been vice party chairwoman of the CSU since 2017, chairwoman of the CSU network council since 2010 and chairwoman of CSUnet since 2011. From 2013 to 2018, she was Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Since 2018, Dorothee Bär has been Minister of State for Digitalisation at the Federal Chancellery.

Prof. Dr. Miriam Meckel

Founding publisher

ada Learning GmbH

Prof. Miriam Meckel is co-founder, founding publisher and CEO of ada Learning GmbH, a digital education initiative for future competencies. Previously, she was editor-in-chief since 2014 and, since 2017, publisher of the Düsseldorf-based WirtschaftsWoche, Germany’s most important weekly magazine for business. Since 2005, Miriam Meckel has been a professor of corporate communication at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. For several years, she was both a faculty associate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society and a visiting professor at the Singapore Management University. Among other distinctions, Miriam Meckel received the Cicero Speaker Award in the category Science. She has published numerous books, articles in science magazines and journalistic articles.

Nazan Eckes


In wenigen Tagen ist es soweit und der DIGITAL X 2020 Campus öffnet. Dieses Mal mit #DABEI Nazan Eckes. Sie gehört zu den erfolgreichsten Moderatorinnen des deutschen Fernsehens. Neben der DIGITAL X 2019 hat sie diverse Berichtserstattungen bis hin zur Echoverleihung souverän und kompetent moderiert. Neben einer Buchveröffentlichung ist sie noch stark sozial engagiert. Am 19.11. wird Nazan Eckes Sie durch die Veranstaltung führen.

Lea Lange

Co-Founder and Co-Managing Director


In 2013, Lea Lange joined forces with Marc Pohl and Sebastian Hasebrink to found JUNIQE, the online shop for affordable art and home accessories. Today, JUNIQE is the market leader for affordable art in Europe. The company, which started out in a niche market, has managed to win over an ever-growing number of customers and investors, and today it can look back on several financing rounds with a total volume of approx. €20 million and sales growth in the triple-digit millions. In 2016, Lea Lange was included on the Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list in the category Retail & E-Commerce. That same year, she was awarded the VICTRESS Digital Award, and in 2015 she received the EMOTION.award for Successful Female Entrepreneurs.

Christoph Bornschein

Founder and Managing Director

TLGG and TLGG Consulting GmbH

Christoph Bornschein, founder and managing director of the agency TLGG and TLGG Consulting GmbH Christoph Bornschein founded the Berlin agency Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr (TLGG) in 2008. At the New York and Berlin offices, a team of 200 talented people develops the potentials and opportunities of the digital transformation for international companies and brands. Christoph Bornschein is the author of numerous trade journal articles and is a regular columnist for Handelsblatt and manager magazin, where he writes about the economic, social and political consequences of the ongoing transformation. He is regarded as an active and hands-on driving force in the digital economy and his expertise is relied upon by industry insiders, including the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank PFK AG and the advisory boards of Lufthansa Innovation Hub and KUBIKx.

Daniel Jung

Maths Tutor, YouTube Star and Education Expert

Daniel Jung is Germany’s most well-known digital education expert and a star in the world of mathematics. Since 2001, he has been posting maths and learning videos on his YouTube channel (Mathe by Daniel Jung) for pupils, students, teachers and interested viewers. Over 250 million views for German-language maths videos make Daniel Jung the world’s most successful online educator. So far, he has created some 2,500 instructional videos, all of which are arranged in playlists and according to search terms. But it’s not the sheer quantity that makes this so special. It’s Daniel’s ability to present complex matters in a simple and straightforward way. Daniel Jung co-founded the successful educational company StudyHelp and is considered a pioneer in digital education systems.

Julia Bösch

Co-Founder and CEO


Julia Bösch founded the Berlin start-up OUTFITTERY jointly with Anna Alex in 2012, with the vision of creating a more relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience for men. In mid-2019, the company merged with the Curated Shopping Group (which includes Modomoto) and now employs a workforce of about 450. OUTFITTERY is active in multiple European countries and has thus far clothed around one million men. In 2017, Julia Bösch was named one of the 50 most influential women in the world of start-ups and venture capital. Before founding OUTFITTERY, the business economics graduate led the internationalisation of the online shop Zalando.

Inga Bergen


Visionäre der Gesundheit

Inga Bergen has been Managing Director at Magnosco GmbH since May 2017. The Berlin start-up is dedicated to non-invasive skin cancer diagnostics (using dermatofluoroscopy) on the basis of laser technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Bergen was previously CEO of welldoo, which she established as one of the leading digital service providers in the healthcare market. She sees digitalisation as an opportunity to bring change to the inflexible healthcare system. She is also the spokesperson for the scientific advisory board for digital transformation of AOK Nordost and serves on the innovation board of the Zur Rose Group and in further advisory functions on the subject of digital transformation in the healthcare system.

Diana zur Löwen

Entrepreneur, YouTuber and Influencer

Diana zur Löwen has been a YouTube content creator since 2012 and is among the most popular YouTubers in Germany. For some time, the business management graduate has been combining her videos on fashion, beauty and sport with political statements. She now has over 640,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 900,000 on Instagram. Via her podcast, she takes her community with her on many trips. In 2018, zur Löwen co-founded the innovation consultancy CoDesign Factory. She additionally dedicates herself to the next generation of entrepreneurs through STARTUP TEENS.

Paul Schwarzenholz

Co-Founder and Managing Director


Paul Schwarzenholz founded zenloop together with Björn Kolbmüller and Lukasz Lazewski in 2016. The Berlin start-up now has 50 employees and specialises in gathering and analysing customer feedback. zenloop’s clients include Deichmann, Douglas, ABOUT YOU, Peek & Cloppenburg, Thalia and EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg. Prior to founding zenloop, Schwarzenholz sold his first company, the online perfumery Flaconi, which he had begun in 2010, to ProSiebenSat.1. At Flaconi, he was responsible for the areas Customer Success and Operations. As managing director of the customer experience management software zenloop, Schwarzenholz wants to share with other companies the Flaconi formula for success.

Dr. Kati Ernst

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

ooshi GmbH

Dr Kati Ernst founded ooshi GmbH jointly with Kristine Zeller in 2018. ooshi specialises in female health products and is establishing innovative period underwear in Germany. The company is bringing fresh vitality to stale sections of the consumer goods market with sustainable, comfortably stylish, ‘female-centric’ products for women. Fully self-financed, ooshi GmbH is growing through brand building in PR and Instagram. Before founding ooshi, Dr Ernst worked for the corporate consultancy McKinsey & Company for 12 years. She was one of the first women in Germany to earn a doctorate in the area of social entrepreneurship and has lived in seven countries.

Dr. Julia Shaw

Bestselling Author, Criminal Psychologist and Memory Researcher

Dr Julia Shaw is a bestselling author as well as a lecturer and researcher in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences at University College London (UCL). She conducts research into forensic psychology, memory and artificial intelligence and consults with police, military forces, lawyers, judiciaries and companies in German- and English-speaking countries. In 2017, she founded the start-up Spot in Silicon Valley, which employs artificial intelligence in working against discrimination in the business world. Her non-fiction debut, The Memory Illusion, became an international bestseller in 2016. Her latest book, Making Evil: The science behind humanity’s dark side, has likewise met with international success and has already been translated into over ten languages.

Karl-Heinz Land

Author, Speaker, Investor

neuland GmbH & Co. KG

Visionary Karl-Heinz Land, who sees himself as a digital evangelist, inspires people year after year with his keynote speeches and workshops. For over 35 years, he has experienced and shaped digitalisation in managing roles at international companies such as Oracle, BusinessObjects (SAP) and Microstrategy. In 2014 he founded neuland, a digital and strategy consultancy which repeatedly tops the “brandeins” rankings list as one of the best in Germany. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, he relies on innovative technology such as blockchain and the internet of things. In 2006, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Time magazine honoured Land with the Technology Pioneer Award.

Charly Steeb

Former Professional Tennis Player and Managing Director

CS Consult

Charly Steeb is a three-time Davis Cup winner, two-time Olympic participant and was captain of the German Davis Cup team for four years. In 1997, he co-founded Clean Winners e. V., which successfully supports and promotes children from lower-income families at locations throughout Germany. Until the end of 2009, he was a shareholder of the sport management agency CMG and, from 2011 to 2013, managing director of CS GmbH, which is engaged in the marketing of athletes and actors as well as the organisation of various events (BMW Open, tennis; Berenberg Classics, tennis). From 2014 to 2017, he was managing director of the sport management agency 4sports & Entertainment. Currently he is managing director and shareholder of CS Consult, a sport consulting agency in the fields of events, marketing and sponsoring.

Karsten Neugebauer


G2K Group GmbH

Karsten Neugebauer studied business administration in Hamburg and graduated at Babson College, USA. After a successful career in technology companies and consulting firms he decided to found his own companies. In 2013, what is today G2K Group GmbH was entered into the commercial register. A native of Schleswig Holstein, he is a passionate strategist, businessman and sports fan. He commutes between Berlin and Vienna, where his wife was born.

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Digitalisation offers vast creative scope – space for those who would rather act than react, who prefer pushing ahead to being left behind, who develop visions and then make them reality.

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